Failing Forward to victory

Hi there my friends, Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ― Winston Churchill I confess I have failed my way to be successful, my greatest learns came from my mistakes. I have learnt that when I fail I must learn fast and move on all... Continue Reading →

Stand out from the crowd.

Hi there my Friends, Great fashion is to stand out from the crowd and yet fit in. So how do we stand out in the ocean of sameness?  Another long layer, ombre or bob? What will set each of us apart and increase our value?  If a member of the press was to interview you... Continue Reading →

Mumma is so proud

Hi there my friends, I love to see stylists from my private trainings go from good to great.  I was so delighted to work with Nathalie Gaudreault from Canada. Over the 2 days at my Private HDTV studio we collaborated on a new collection.  Below is just one of the styles from Nathalie's new collection.... Continue Reading →

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