David Adams – the color Master

Hi there my Friends, David Adams co Founder and president of Red CHOCOLATE  is an icon within the world of color, a man with Pedigree training and experience. A career path with the best of the best Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, Artistic Director of Aveda. and currently David and Virginia Meyer are empowering salons with their... Continue Reading →

Peter Gray a true innovator and genius

Hi there my friends,  On a quest to find extrodinary design, I was truly taken back when I found this amazing collection by Peter Gray,  Formally from Vidal Sassoon London,  an artist who successful crossed over into the  international editorial realm working with the best of the best. Bravo Peter! The collection "I was a... Continue Reading →

So the mullet is not dead –

Hi there my friends, So just when you think the mullet is dead another version comes along and I have to confess this time very interesting.  But there is a catch, this was a home hair cut.  Yes on my search to learn and grow,  I found this video and I learned something!  She was... Continue Reading →

Building your portfolio

Hi there my friends, I am so proud of the stylist who joined me recently for my "4 day photographic workshop" hosted in the Hamptons NY.  Let me share their journey with you, and yes Mamma was very proud of their work and the following collection. TEAM -  Rebekah Hope, Iryna Popova, Sally Trobaugh, Jason Sparks, Elizabeth White,... Continue Reading →

Who is eating your lunch?

Hello Dear Friends, As you know, I have become the hair and fashion curator searching for treasures and exploring what is trending.  On a recent search, I was SHOCKED to find a tool that boasts of the following: “SAVE MONEY ON TRIMS” “CUT YOUR OWN HAIR AT HOME” Check out the video below: YES! I... Continue Reading →

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