Icons in hair and their amazing work DANILO – 1st ICON series

Hi there my friends,

Welcome to our my  ‘Icon series’ featuring amazing world class  stylist and their work,

show casing the best of the best, I hope you enjoy.


Lets start with an amazing gentleman who truly is a sweet heart and super talented

stylist  based in NY and LA.  A freelance Editorial stylist Danilo,


Danilo  is not limited to his bio coastal life style, but travels the world working for major magazines, as well as Print and TV commercials, and advertising campaigns.

His Celebrity clients and ‘Red carpet events’, reads like a shopping list of ‘who’s who’, filled with

  ‘A’ list Celebrities.

Why? Simple… talent, versatility and charm go a long way.


 I have been fortunate enough to work with Danilo, and I always learn something new and amazing from this brilliant man. Sorry am I gushing?  Yes to gushing, but rightly so.

When I look at this Icons skills, diversity,  hard work and discipline I am impressed that time has only enriched his skill set,

the shine has not worn off this apple!

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 11.35.39 AM

Danilo is the only artist I have ever worked with that in the middle of a creation

(for example a new collection) would say “lets switch hair”,

and we would take over from each others style and see where we could take the design next.

Working along side Danilo in the studio or at fashion shows was always enlightening.

The Viv that came to the shoot was not the same Viv that left at the end of a day.

Yes, energized inspired always learning something new and yet Danilo with so much talent has always remained refreshingly  humble.


I liken the experience to jazz  musicians switching lead during a set, enjoying the creative process with out boundaries. What an amazing and liberating feeling to dig deep into the creative well.  Why don’t you try this week, with a fellow stylist get out the mannequin head and JAM.


The Ying  Yang of a master

I believe that one of the defining skills of a master is the ability to shift from undone relaxed ‘lived in hair’. To sculptured and refine hair with not a hair out of place. This shift from total control to undone is a different mind set and an art.



Thank you Danilo for your inspiration.  Represented by the Wall group.

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

Email [email protected]

HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

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