On the road to India

Hi there my friends, I would Like to share with you the richness of shooting a collection in India, for Launch Pad Magazine. Working with a celebrity Evelyn Sharma from Bollywood. Yes that's Right BollyWood, which has a larger film business than Hollywood. I was very much inspired by the richness of the Culture history... Continue Reading →

Every thing is possible

Hi there my Friends Where there is hope there is Life...... Where there is hope there is faith, Where there is faith everything is possible. Keep hope alive.   Love and best wishes Vivienne.


Hi there my friends, In this  episode of Tips and Tricks we explore the world of colors, that completes and look and does not compete.  Check out the video below. Do you ever have a client sit in your chair that once was a lovely brunette wearing a warm makeup blend? Then through the passage... Continue Reading →

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