How to create waves from classic to modern

Hi there my friends, I love this classic video with a few interesting tricks to watch out for.  But I warn you there is a lot of fiddling which I am not a fan of, but there is something big we can learn from the video as my blog explains, please follow me to the end.

The following is what I learned from this video-  What will you learn?

1. This video shows what happens when the initial set does not give you what you want. After the comb-out of  the set, re-dampened and mold the wave into place.  But too much product makes the hair look heavy so don’t over do product application.
2. Use of crocodile clips was good, which I also like to use.
3. Interesting use of tail comb lifting and pushing wave into place. I liked this.

Oh good your still with me, I know you fast forwarded the video but now lets use what we have learned. As many of you know I had a very classic training at the London College of Fashion, during the two years we learned every type of wave!! What I am  going to say comes with the greatest respect regarding the video but, too much fiddling all of which could have been avoided, so lets learn how to get it RIGHT FIRST TIME TO AVOID THE DREADED FIDDLING!!  My mantra smarter not harder.

Confession I truly struggled with these waves – here is why. 1st – Hot rollers failed set too loose – 2nd Barrel curl set failed no wave just curly ends – 3rd Marcel waved at last I got the result.  3 attempts until I got it right!! I was ready to pull out my own hair.

waves fashion frontSo what did I learn?
At the beginning select the correct technique for end result and hair type.

waves beauty
Hair Vivienne Mackinder Photography Roberto Ligresti Make up David Maderich Fashion David Widjaja

Waves will continue to dip in and out of fashion, so choosing the correct technique is half the battle.  It is critical to understand the features and benefits of each waving technique KNOW THEIR PERSONALITY.

Finger waves are the flattest of all the waves.  Requiring light to medium  Jell (depending on how resistant the hair is to a wave) Finger waves require excellent dexterity skills. Yes Frustrating to learn but an  important foundational technique that continues to withstand the passage of time!!

Jason Wu Spring 2013 RTW METHOD – Comb the hair around the middle finger which is acting as a post molding a “C”shape   Your index finger and middle finger then press in the wave to create the crest of the wave. Breath and repeat left and right!  Then have a Cocktail!!

finger wave set 2art deco ladyMarcel waves lay close to the head when you start from the top and work down this is a surface wave. A Marcel has more volume than a finger wave.
(you can see me demo all these techniques in my editorial course at

finger wave set 1When you Marcel wave from the bottom up it is a fuller wave, as the waves do not always sit in the curve of the previous wave, hence more volume.

finger wave set 3When you create a beautiful Marcel wave  iron set, there is no fiddling in the comb out. As long as you get it right first time, this set could last several days.

Still today I am humbled by the wave. But one thing I know if you do a great Pin curl set (one row clock wise the next row anti clock wise)the wave falls into place without any fiddling. A wet Pin curl set will last a week and gives  medium fullness.


A Pin curl sets create soft movement with more volume.


greta-garboHorizontal iron set and comb into dry finger wave pattern


Horizontal iron set and brush through,  notice wave starts half way down the head

Picture 21Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 8.38.28 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.10.28 AM

Horizontal iron set with light back combing to mold wave into place

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.10.16 AMReverse iron to create Corrugation

Photography Julia Pogodina Make up David Maderich fashion David Widjaja Hair Vivienne mackinder

In this set I ironed the hair with the barrel underneath and intentionally created dents into the hair.  Notice it is corrugated and there is no “C” left and right direction.


Picture 24 a9ed505b0d1f1dae1b6ab8729a0fa3c3

A vertical iron set – A Round wave wrapping around the iron Vertically


 Roller set could last several days and is the fullest of all the sets.


Will brides be asking for a waves this season? If so, are you ready? I hope you do not have to work as hard as the lady in the video above.

Waves can be very intimidating so PLEASE let me help you. Join our editorial course and we will work through all the above sets and so much more.

 Feel your confidence soar as you lean more techniques and increase your creativity. 

Ok so you are still with me thank you, we love to learn. OK now look at a previous BLOG

See what my dear Friend Mary Brunetti did when she improved upon a wave the video is 5 star! Bravo Mary SO WORTH WATCHING AND NO FIDDLING YEPPPPPY


I hope you found this insightful  Happy waving see you on line.

All the best Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of www.


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