Go Big

Hi there my friends, Always loved the bouffants, but these are outrageous! Amazing that we went from Big to the revolution of sleek and small through the genius of Vidal Sassoon. I am questioning what will be our next Revolution? Any Ideas? If so please start to post on my face book page, be part of... Continue Reading →

Be careful who you learn from.

Hi there my Friends, Those in my close circle know how much I love horses.  Over the years I have ridden and competed in England Cross country Show jumped and now Dressage, and for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about? Dressage is Dancing with horses, which also is an Olympic sport. I... Continue Reading →

What does success mean to you?

HI there my Friends, I love reading Success Magazine, learning from Icons in the business world. Barbara Corcoran (net worth of 40 Million and featured guest on ABC TV show Shark Tank), made a great statement, when asked how do you define success? She simply stated "The great desire to get up out of bed with... Continue Reading →

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