Let’s Celebrate!!!

Hello my friends, fellow hairstylists, and members of Hairdesignertv, I don't know if you have been keeping up lately, as I know the salon is busy! However, we felt that, as the Summer months are upon us and everything will begin to slow down a little, it was time for some "refreshing" of our own!... Continue Reading →

Should I Specialize in Haircutting?

Hello my Fellow Hairstylists, Friends, and Members of Hairdesignertv, I have been trained in color, however, my specialty is haircutting, and the question that I am asked often is.. "Should I specialize in haircutting?"  As our color technology advances rapidly, I understand why this is such a big decision to make. The cost of color services... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Haircutting Tips

Hello my Fellow Hairstylists, Friends, and Members of Hairdesignertv! I've got some incredible news! I have been working overtime to produce a new haircutting tutorial collection that is beyond anything that I have ever released and I am so excited for its launch this week on Hairdesignertv! You can find more information below! You will... Continue Reading →

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