20th Law of Explosive Growth

Hi there my friends, For those of you diligently following my blog, you may be wondering, what happened to Viv? I've been on holiday!!! Any YES! Coming back to work after a two week vacation has been a challenge. How wonderful to stay at home (NO TRAVEL) To spend time with my amazing husband, and... Continue Reading →

19 # law – Timing is Everything

Hi there my friends,  Timing is everything in life, too soon with an idea, and no one gets it, too late and you missed the boat! This is where great leadership is so important, as greatness occurs only with a team who are on board with the vision. In this situation every one is working... Continue Reading →

16# The Law of the Big Mo

Hi there my friends,    I love the law of the Big MO.  Yes you got it momentum! When I master a technique in hair, I can build upon this understanding and I have  momentum always building from what works.  Then it is  easier to build upon this success next time. When you make smart choices... Continue Reading →

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