The Making of a Star

Hi there my Friends, My jaw dropped at one of my photographic workshops...  In a very small class setting I start my presentation by first asking stylists to give me some background about their career, which usually ranges from 2 to 30 years experience. PS I love this diversity of experience, but when it was... Continue Reading →

Vivs Hair hero – Errol Douglas

Hi there my friends, I am a huge fan of Errol Douglas's work, based in London UK. Whether Avant Garde, high fashion, or commercial there is one thing Errol never compromises, and that is beauty.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration. Great Quote by Seth Godin "Everyone put your hand up. Now raise your hand... Continue Reading →

7 radical transformations

Hi there my friends, with nearly 40 years in the business I still love the thrill of a transformation.  When you get it right from the inside out Wow!! Miranda wanted a style that was playful and convertible therefore I choose to Razor cut the layers and outline shape for greater styling options. Natalie had... Continue Reading →

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