Learn how to razor cut a Graduated Bob.

Hi there my Friend, learning should be fun and inspire you to "step into your greatness".  I am very blessed to attract stylists who have one thing in common, the "passion to learn and grow".  In this Video tutorial from my "HairDesignerTV Bob series", you will see me working with the very young and talented... Continue Reading →

3 days can change your career.

Hi there my friends, its not too late to join me.  Check out the link below and 7 reasons why. Plus a gift from me Please check out the video on a '3 strand rope braid with a twist'.  Practice along. 7 reasons to increase your styling skills and join me. 1. Learn the golden... Continue Reading →

Real make overs on Hairdressers

Hi there my Friends,  more fun make overs to inspire you and your clients. Hair should always look healthy with lots of shine, never compromise the integrity of the hair. check out my consultation at this link. Its not what you cut off but what you leave, its all about a great shape. Avant Garde... Continue Reading →

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