Honouring the Memory of a great Man and Beauty Icon

Hi My Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous sadness that I share with you the loss of a great mentor and Icon within our profession. Horst Rechelbacher died Saturday 15th February of Pancreatic Cancer, he was 72.

Horst launched Aveda in 1978 with a staff of two and made him self a millionaire.  He was truly a rag to riches story, when he built a bridge between beauty and medicine, through his love for plant life. Horst always thanked his mother for this knowledge and inspiration; the plant world would become a life long passion.

I was fortunate enough to interview Horst during the making of my film series “I’m not just a Hairdresser” The Empires. (see below link to enjoy the film)  Horst opened up his world to me so that we could all learn from his rag to riches journey. The following are some of my favorite memories from the film and my time with Horst:-

  1. Horst passion for the craft and he relentless determination to succeed, was inspiring reminding me to never give up.
  2. At an early age Horst entered his first competition and won! From that day on he was addicted to winning, this competitive spirit served him well through out the rest of his life.
  3. After doing 45 clients in a day, Horst practiced every spare moment he had on his craft, he said he was addicted to hair.
  4. Horst confessed how sad it was when he educated an audience and realized that most hairdressers were not open to learn, but there to compare.
  5. When I asked Horst how did he balance his spiritual pursuit and being so rich, he answered “its very difficult”.
  6. His passion for Mother Nature and self-sustaining way of living was awe-inspiring.
  7. The Aveda story, its originality and the quality of an amazing product line.
  8. Desire is such an important as part of ones success, you can not put desire into someone’s heart, you can teach skills but you can not teach desire, that is a private conversation with ones heart.
  9. The importance of leadership, Horst realized that everything rises and falls on leadership.
  10. Fear was his greatest teacher in his life, it pushed him to go beyond, this is where he found his courage.

Horst will be greatly missed; I send my condolences to his family and love ones.  To the wonderful Aveda families around the world, who I know will continue with Horst Legacy of high ideals and standards.

If we can treasure mother earth and give back, continue to strive for excellence in art and commerce, then we are honoring the memory of Horst.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane 

 Empires Film featuring Horst. 

I hope it brings you closer to this great man.

Best wishes to you all

Vivienne Mackinder

Founder of HairDesignertv.com

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