Beauty Beyond the Mirror

Hi there my Friends,

Everything rises and falls on a great consultation.  There is an art to recognizing and seeing the internal and external beauty within our clients, and yes sometimes its a deep dig!!

Joking aside,  how the client feels about them self is as important as the external appearance.  With out great communication and connecting skills you can not do anything.

JessicaB_Before[front] JessicaB_4a

I hope you enjoy my consultation training.  Please go to this link


When people ask me what motivate me? Its simple I love the transformation process. Seeing the joy on a clients face is magic, this never gets old  its like taking some one from rags to riches…

let me know what you think of the consultation

  • Part one is the hairdressers tutorial
  • Part two is the questionnaire for the client/guest..
  • Please share with your Guests and team.

All the best Vivenne Mackinder

Founder of

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