The 6 Faces of Fashion – Find your style today!

HI there my friends,

Who do you want to be today?  Remember you will attract what you project!  Is it time to reinvent, I love an excuse to go shopping!

I always feel that a woman’s lifestyle expresses her values and her perception of beauty.

A great  hairstylists is an image experts, who does not cut the head off at the neck. There is more to our craft than working with bone structure, body type and hair texture; though these are important.

Helping your clients find their personal style is about expressing their distinctive essence through the total fashion picture. I hope to inspire you and your clients to explore your individuality as I take you on a journey through fashion lifestyle.  <CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW>

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Lets take a journey through the 6 faces of fashion.

You see it on the streets of Tokyo and London it is a culture and a way of life, almost tribal, expressed strongly in music, fashion, social and political beliefs. The wearer customizes her look through a mixture of current and traditional trends.



The term minimalistic is applied colloquially to designate anything which is spare or stripped to its essentials. The minimalist woman is a woman of supreme self-assurance. She keeps her look clean and simple, no over-accessorizing. She knows intuitively that less is more, and has the confidence to stop.



As defined in the dictionary, the term “bohemian” describes the non-traditional lifestyles of artists. A bohemian woman is a true individual. She often mixes cultural influences, in a relaxed and playful manner.



This client loves to feel expensive. She wears original designs, which make her feel special and loved. Her high fashion sense requires a sophisticated understanding of style and the confidence to push boundaries from the ordinary to the extraordinary.



The eclectic woman wears her clothes and hair with flamboyant personality. She picks and chooses her style from all sources and mix them together in unexpected ways. This woman does not want to follow the crowd. She is an innovator and gatherer of ideas.



A classic is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth.Think back to the days when Coco Chanel presided over Parisian runways. The classic woman has style that transcends gimmicks and trends; her image has an air of sophistication and elegance.


Bye for now have a great day..

Vivienne Mackinder. Founder of

PS I hope you will come and see me at one of my educational events this year….



Team Credits
Hair: Vivienne Mackinder
Hair Color: Joe Blackwell & Eddie Wunderlich
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion Styling: David Widjaja
Photography: Hama Sanders

Special Thanks
Lois Christie, President, Intercoiffure America/Canada

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