Accelerate your success

Hi there my dear friends,

Thank you for joining me today.  I hope you are enjoying my new blog! With over  35 years in the Biz its great to reinvent oneself and try something new.  I can say that I have found something that I am taking baby steps in and loving the adventure.


So today’s subject – Is how to  being an amazing assistant and accelerate your success. Whether you are a salon owner, session/editorial stylist, platform artist or stylist with in the salon. Having an amazing assistant can empower your day, and a bad assistant can drain the life force out of you.


I believe assisting a great mentor is critical part of success, as  you will become who you hang out with.

The smartest decision that I made through out my entire career was to work and assist the best of the best in the business, and it paid off.

STOP look at your circle of influence are they lifting you up and empowering you? Or dragging you down?

As you may well know I invite stylists to assist me at shows, shoots, workshops and the filming at  I recruit from my ‘Mentor ship intern program’ and  ‘Salon Elite clients’.  Below is the video assistants have to watch before coming into my inner circle.

I think you will find this insightful, please use this within your world to be an amazing mentor and greater assistant.  Add value to each other each, and have a magical day.

Check out the mentorship program at



These videos are  from our mentor-ship/ intern program

I hope they inspires you to not be good, but GREAT.


Best wishes,
Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of

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