Being a person of influence – Getting your clients and team to follow you.

Hi there my Friend,

Leadership series – 21 laws of Leadership

Leadership?  You may ask why is this something that i would be so interested in?  Every thing rises and falls on how we lead our life and work with each other.

We are leaders, we have a following, its called a Clientelle.  our influence and leadership determines a full book or an empty chair.


great leadership is

showing that you care

showing that you can help

proving that you can be trusted.


over the next 21 weeks we will explore the world of empowerment and great leadership that applies to building your clientele, building a team, and productive and happy work place.  These leadership skills even apply to your personal relationships with friends and family.  join me on this journey  and let me know what you think and how its changed your life.

see video.. law of the lid.

A lid is something that can keep you down, stop you from reaching your potential.  lets explore the lid.

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