Hair I love – short choppy textured styles

Hi there My friends,

I feel like a museum curator searching for great ideas and inspiration.  Today I share some favorite styles with a textured theme.  I solute the artists for their Mastery and thank you for your inspiration, I admire your creative and technical skills BRAVO.

So you may ask, what do I look for in a brilliant photo?

I think a great photo draws you in, and makes you want to dwell rather than pass by. A great photo works from all aspects:- the quality of the model  and her expression, the  style of hair, make up, fashion styling, lighting, and composition of photography all make for a great photo..

 This style I created for the Inter Coiffure Show in NYC.
We filmed the step by step back stage,
PS>  we will post the tutorial on
in the near future, I will keep you posted.


 Love the texture, the  jagged edges and asymmetry, brilliant shot.


Genius color and great shapes.


Every thing about this image works, expression, fashion,
photography and cool hair, so brilliant.


Brilliant color, nice one Mark
mark leeson
mark leeson

Love the textured layers and styling of hair.



Another love, texture, color and brilliant carvings, so fresh and modern.
Hooker Young


Bravo to all the great talent. Alas I am sorry I could not credit all of above as my sources did not list all of the credits.

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder

Founder of

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