Flash back – Airs and Graces

Hi there my friends lets take a trip down memory lane,  below are a few images from Airs and Graces collection that I created in  2006.

Whats old is new, yesterday turns into tomorrow, so lets tune in.

09_rock and romance

01 - woven dreams

“The women of Airs and Graces are successful women who love life, and live it to its fullest; who have discovered and shared the strengths and talents that are uniquely her own, who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better than she found it;

who seeks and finds that which is beautiful in people and all things: who’s heart is full of love and warm with compassion; who has found the joy of living and peace within herself.” unknown.

02_-twists and romance

The evolution of women’s roles in today’s society requires that we redefine who we are – there is a duality roaring within each and every woman.

The Gracious women: – is filled with romantic dreams and nostalgic moments she wishes for the summer to last forever, her deep desire is to be swept away by her Knight in shining armor and be bathed in spiritual magic.

04_ tumbled romance

Credits: – Airs and Graces Collection
Photography By Jill Wachter –  Hair By Vivienne Mackinder – Make up Mary Schook – Fashion Styling Sharon Maloney

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration, let me know your thoughts, write to me below..

PS. if you are interested in producing your own photo collection check out my 4 day photographic work shop. Lets make magic together.


All the best Vivienne Mackinder

Founder of HairDesignerTv.com

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