Lady of the Manor

Hi there my friends,

This is a favorite collection of mine.  It was very challenging to produce  ‘Lady of the Manor’, as the humidity attacked each hairstyle. Oh the challenges of filming on location, watching a hairstyle wilt before your very eyes!


 I hope you enjoy the movie below, let me know what you think?


We were in Miami shooting in a magnificent mansion, our back drop was the  ballroom and  shooting within the palacial grounds.  For a moment in time I felt like a princess, then reality set in as there was a lot of work ahead, and yes I still had to pack my own bags!



“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts”.  



Lady of the manor celebrates the art of design, creating looks that are rich and luxurious.  A collection to capture your imagination, a time to reflect and escape from the madness of today’s life, ‘stepping back to the future’, inspiring hope for a better tomorrow.


I hope these images make you dwell and reconnect to your dreams, Slow down to smell the roses filling your heart with gratitude and remembering to enjoy the art that we are fortunate enough to create each day and every day.






THE MOVIE – How many of us have dreamed of a lifestyle of luxury?

Lady of the manor movie takes you to this place were one can dance to the beat of ones own drum.  

Our Lady of the Manor is blonde and bashful with the freedom to be whimsical, dressing up in couture clothes, she loves to be  pampered and host candle light parties. Her  life is one of relaxation and adventure, drawing inspiration from art and life itself.

She dares to Dance as if no one is watching, She loves as though she could never be hurt, and she creates with limitless style and imagination. 


Collection credits. Inter Coiffure North America.

Photography Ernesto Mendoza

Fashion stylist Montgomery Frazier

Make Edward Cruz

Hair By  Vivienne Mackinder Fashion Director for Inter Coiffure

Produced By Inter Coiffure North America.

Videographer and editor Matt Nappo for


All the best Vivienne Mackinder

Founder of

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