Failing Forward to victory

Hi there my friends,

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

― Winston Churchill

waves beauty

I confess I have failed my way to be successful, my greatest learns came from my mistakes. I have learnt that when I fail I must learn fast and move on all the wiser.

For Example:- there is a big story behind these  images from Neoteric.  It was pouring with rain in NYC the day of this shoot, the studio was so humid that the air conditioning could not keep up with the moisture level.  Yes it was hot and sticky.

BUT while I was struggling with the hair, Matt Nappo my videographer and web master, had been sucked off the flooded road landing up in a  lake!  he called saying “I may not make it today, my car is in the lake and the water level is rising”.  This sent me into a panic which did not help the hair challenges I was facing.  I put on my show face.

Good news Matt did eventually get out of the lake by swimming to safety with the camera balanced on his head!  Although shaken up he survived the ordeal.

Back in the studio – I was setting the hair with hot rollers, I brushed the hair through and yes you got it, “nothing”  the curl fell out.  I was frustrated as I had waisted 45 minutes and I knew with 9 shots to follow the clock was ticking against me. And I was worrying about Matt.

2nd attempt –  I then did a barrel curl set in the front, to reestablish my lost wave, I brushed out my set and yes you got it “a very sad wave and too much curl on the ends!  I was now mad with myself, and still worried about Matt. My show face was starting to slip.  I walked away from the model and regrouped – had a private conversation with myself and jumped back in with even more determination. I Marcel Waved and GOT IT! 3rd Time a charm.

It would have been so easy to quit, I had some good reasons to be stress, Matt in a Lake and a humid studio,  but with relentless determination and learning through my failure I was successful..  Moral of the story don’t give up. This is a big reminder of how important classics are and to keep practicing…

waves fashion front

Do you have a story to tell of a challenge that turned into a victory, love to hear…


Collection Neoteric.
Photography Robert Ligresti
Make up David Maderich Fashion Styling David Widjaja

All the best Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of

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  1. Classics always look simple. They don’t seem to have too much detail, the’re clear and clean and well simple looking -but I have found that they are absolutely the most difficult to pull off! Practice has become a four letter word these days and most of us don’t want to give up the time to practice. Those who do invest the time to practice will be the true master of their craft and like you Viv, when faced with a tough or scary task will come out the winner!


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