Origins of The American Style Collection

Hi there my friends,

5 Iconic American Styles

As Mary Brunetti and I discussed the vision for ‘American Style,’ I realized how certain looks, let’s call them fashion themes, developed from American culture and history. These themes became the building blocks for this  collection.

Red Carpet Hollywood Glam

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder
Hair By Mary Brunetti

Every stylist working in America uses these themes, consciously or not, in the salon. These looks comprise the fundamental American look. I hope this collection will help you recognize what is often an automatic styling response. Adding value to your work by offering clients a more conscious and refined style.

Rock and Roll born in the USA

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

Music continues to influence and inspire trends.

Hair By Vivienne Mackinder

Wild West

American style developed out of the westward-moving frontier and the demands it placed on women, demands that had them trading their crinolines in for more rugged attire,” says Mary Brunetti. “The result was the emergence of a less formal and slightly androgynous American style.

This style today can be seen as a South West look, Bohemian or Hippy.

Hair By Vivienne Mackinder

The contributions of the Americas to international style may often be underrated or taken for granted on the global stage. But, I find its culture is truly fascinating, as is its influence on music, cinema, and the ever-changing world of fashion.

Ladies who Lunch

West Palm Beach Scene

Hair By Vivienne Mackinder

Expensive stylized fashion – dressed to impress

Hair By Mary Brunetti


East Village NYC
New York Smart and sophisticated, conservative with a twist. Hair: Vivienne Mackinder

   Young Edgy Street trend

Hair By Vivienne Mackinder.


I hope you found this inspirational let me know what you think?

I would like to thank Inter Coiffure for their support in bringing this collection to life, Mary Brunetti and the IC art team, Lois Christie the President of Inter Coiffure.  Lori Neopolotino make up artist,  Fashion stylist Rod and Photographer Roberto Ligresti

All the best Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of

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