#2 The Law of Influence – 21 in series

“People do not care how much you know

 until they know how much you care.” 

J o h n   Ma x w e l l
My series is based on The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership – a book by NY Times Best seller John Maxwell.  Should you enjoy this journey you and your team may take the online course

Hi there my friends,

So how did the 1st law go for you?  The law of the Lid.  Did you have new insights as to how you can go from good to great?  I hope so.  Let jump into the 2# the Law of Influence.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.52.44 PM

With out great influence your client is not going to follow your lead for a new hair style.  With out influence she is not going to follow your recommendations for styling products and the list goes on.  I live by the John Maxwell quote (above) time and time again I have witnessed  how it plays out creatively and financially in my life.

SIMPLICITY-VALERIA-BEFORESimplicity Booth Day 2 83140Here’s the good news,  you can learn to lead people can learn that leadership is influence.


When I first saw that IT IS ALL ABOUT adding value to people.  I thought that’s brilliant  it immediately changes the context doesn’t it? And then it’s easy to see that anyone can learn to intentionally add value to others, can’t they?  Therefore, anyone can learn to influence more people and influencing more people gives you a greater leadership lid.  And more clients sitting in your chair, turning this lovely lady from the before shot into a transformation below.

Simplicity Booth Day 2 83329

Zig Ziglar summed it up nicely when he said .

 ‘You can have what you want if you will help enough other people get what they want’


If you take a genuine interest in people,  if you truly care then your influence with those people grows in like measure. I used to think leadership was all about me. then I shifted  and pretended it was all about my team, but I still secretly thought it was all about me, then many years later, I realized it was all about them. it’s influence  and that comes from adding value and from really caring. 

To create this collection it took skill, confidence and influence to be able to do these 3 hairstyles on one model.

Simplicity Booth Day 2 82856

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder – Make up David Maderich –
Photography Roberto Ligresti
for Simplicity hair extensions.

True leadership must be earned

• A title can buy you time, but not respect, that has to be earned.
• You can judge the leader by the followers, NOT by the title.
• If you are leading and no one is following, you are doing nothing more than taking a walk in the park.


The three questions followers ask leaders:

Or clients may be thinking consciously or subconsciously about

YOU  their stylists .

1.Do you care for me?

2. Can you help me?

3. Can I trust you? 


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Love to hear from you.

How will you apply the law of Influence this week?

Please share this series and add value to others today..

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

Email [email protected]

HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

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