Choosing your career path in Theater (7th in series of 9)

“Design your lifestyle first, 

and  then design your career to fit around your life style”.



Hi there my friends,  

Today’s focus is about the art skill set  and determination required to be a great hair stylist in the world of Theater. 

Listen to audio to learn more (see below)

As many of you know I studied for 2 years at the London College of Fashion and came out with a degree in Hairdressing.  I wanted a career in Film and Theater,  then reality hit me!  While I had raw dexterity skills for this specialty area, I lacked the other half, the critical  aptitudes to survive in this world.

For example:- The ability to repeat the same style over and over and over again.  As a former dancer I loved the theater, and when I realized at the age of 18 that I did not have what it would take to be a professional dancer, the idea of working back stage had great appeal as I loved the costume world.

I still love the theater and recommend if you have a local theater volunteer back stage, it could be a great hair hobby to learn about wigs and hair pieces, adding to your skill set.


7. Theater
Are you interested in designing the hair for a show or maintaining the hair for each performance? Either option requires that you have mastered the art of hairdressing, work well with rollers and irons, and most importantly, have ability and experience using wigs and hairpieces.

PS if you want to learn about this world come and do a private training with me at my studio.

Call 631. 591.1079

or email [email protected]

osadia -

Listen to audio to learn more

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Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

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