Building your portfolio

Hi there my friends,

I am so proud of the stylist who joined me recently for my “4 day photographic workshop” hosted in the Hamptons NY.  Let me share their journey with you, and yes Mamma was very proud of their work and the following collection.


TEAM –  Rebekah Hope, Iryna Popova, Sally Trobaugh, Jason Sparks, Elizabeth White, Lauren Hall, Vivienne Mackinder,

Amanda Carey, Becci Dobbs, David Guerrieri, David Maderich, Lois Broderick

Day one – the stylists learned how the camera captures a shape. We photo journalized hair styles, on Mannequins in prep for the shoot for our beautiful models.

Images from Stylist/student photo shoot  –


Hair by Jason Sparks  – a sewn relaxed boufant

Day two – we explored all the elements of what it takes to produce a collection from concept, mood boards, casting a team. to publication in a magazine.

Lauren corn rolled 50% of the hair in the nape which she used as a foundation for her faux bob.  (left)

The same model was restyled with  her long hair  Marcel waved, laying over a smooth surface, which was just as challenging to create. (right)


Images from Stylist/student photo shoot –  Hair by Lauren Hall (from Sydney Australia)

Day  two   Each stylist then practiced their style on Mannequins for the photo shoot and we continued to photo journal.


Images from Stylist/student photo shoot – How to:- Hair by Elizabeth White

Day three – Models and crew arrived and the stylist created their look, check out their amazing work.




Hair by Elizabeth White and Sally Trobaugh – soft Quiff



Convertible style by Sally – geometric exterior razor interior.


Glam rock by  Amanda Carey – using a push pull technique


Relaxed Bouffant by Becci Dobbs – styled over a hair pad and placed into a relaxed pony tail.

Stylist Shoot credits:- Photography by David  Guerrieri  – Make up by David Maderich  -Fashion Rebekah Hope

Models from Iryna Popova Andreia Contreiras Q Management NYC

Jennifer Onvie –


Day four the stylists assisted me on my shoot where I produced my new collection ‘Moody Blue’.

Vivienne Mackinder Shoot credits:- Photography by Roberto Ligresti  – Make up by David Maderich -Fashion Montgomery Frazier – Fashion designer Katya Leonovich

Model Snow from Q model Management NYC


 This represents 1 of 12 shots…. Soon you will be able to see much more, when it goes to press. thank you to my amazing team without you this would not be possible.

  MacKinder_4.2.2014_0548m-retShould you wish to want to learn more about the editorial world,

enter NAHA or build your portfolio please join us for our next shoot.

Only 6 stylist allowed in class

The class is a 4 day work shop.

Next date – 28th September – 1st October 2014


Best wishes
Vivienne Mackinder.
Founder of
[email protected]
HDTV studio – 631.591.107

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