Soft layers that suit 80% of face shapes

Hi there my friends,

A great layer shape (as seen below)  truly can be designed to suit 80% of face shapes.  As you all know by now my goal is to always create an oval face shape so with this in mind the following are helpful tips:-

1. Wispy outlines – softens the facial features.

2. Asymmetric lines  – side parting and sweeping fringes (‘ovals out’) square and round face shapes.

3. Building width at the temples slims a face.

4. The razored outline and layers allows for great versatility in dressing and restyling hair.

5. Tipped color ends add interests and makes a simple layer more unique and fashion forward.

6. A headband is a great fashion accessory.

 This image is from Neo Deco collection I hope you enjoy..

THE CUT Layered from the interior to the soft exterior shape 100% razor cut…

To learn more about the art of razoring and the 7 principles of razor techniques.

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Shot for Inter Coiffure North America – Neo Deco

Photo Credits – Photography Roberto Ligresti – Hair by Vivienne Mackinder- Make up David Maderich

 Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.
Founder of
[email protected]
HDTV studio – 631.591.107

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