Red Carpet Favorites

Hi there my friends,

One of the great attactions to enter the beauty business for me was  the glamour and all that it represents. Here are some of my favorite looks from recent red carpet events that you may wish to recreate.

Should you feel apprehensive about exploring this styling area, let me assure you its like any other skill it can be taught and with practice you will be able to expand your repetoire going beyond the basic cut and blow dry.  Do you feel ready for the next challenge? join me on a 16 week journey of styling and see your creativity and technical skills grow.  I promise you will become more valuable behind the chair..
















Collection by Inter Coiffure North America.

“American style”

INTERCOIFFURE-1Hair by Mary Brunetti

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 2.54.32 PMHair by Vivienne Mackinder Make up Lori Neapolitan – Photography Roberto Ligresti  Fashion styling Rod

Neo Deco by Inter Coiffure North America

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder Makeup David Maderick Photography Roberto Ligresti

Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_04_R Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_0136_R Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_0200_R Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_0235_R

Collection shot for Simplicity Hair Extensions

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder – Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier  – Make up David Maderich – Photography Roberto Ligresti

   Simplicity Booth Day 2 82856  Simplicity Booth Day 2 83363 Simplicity Booth Day 2 83072  Simplicity Booth Day 2 83258 Simplicity Booth Day 2 83281 Simplicity Booth Day 2 83581


Join me today for an editorial journey

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

Founder of

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HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

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