Bridal Season are you ready?

Hi there my Friends,

A long time ago when I was a stylist at the Vidal Sassoon Salon in Bond St London, I remember when I was told that my next client was a bride,  I felt so much fear, that I thought I would die!  Crazy,  how can you die from doing a bride?  (check out the link below for a bridal consultation)


My work today

Reflecting back I did have a skill set for styling, as I had 2 years of formal training for film and theater at the London College of Fashion, but I did not know how to interpret technique and style to fit the bride, in truth the bride got what I could do, sadly not what was appropriate her.



Overcoming the fear of styling start simple half up half down.

I remember sweating through the experiences, and I hated every moment.  Why? because I still lacked all the skills required, and hence lacked confidence. I knew I had a choice to run away and say “I do not do brides or any styling”, or embrace the challenge and expand my mind and creativity.  I knew even back then if I ran away I was being a coward, so I embrace the path of learning and growing which has NEVER STOPPED.

I hope you enjoy these brides:- to learn more about the art of styling please join us for the editorial course at, let me coach and guide you from the comfort of your own salon.


Classic finishing with polish requires a different skill set for relaxed and undone both are an art.


 01_Girl_054 01_Girl_121 01_Girl_124   06_Girl_011

(check out the link below for a bridal consultation) 08_Girl_050 08_Girl_121 08_Girl_152 08_Girl_157 09_Girl_062 10_Girl_056 10_Girl_064 11_Girl_004


(check out the link below for a bridal consultation)


Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

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