Getting published

Hi there my Friends,     How do you stand out from the crowd and increase you value behind the chair?  GET PUBLISHED

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In the digital world that we live in, it has never been more accessible and easy to take a photo or video and post it from your phone to your website or any social media platform.  BUT, with that being said,  EASY means every one is doing it!  So how do you get noticed? Here are a few tips to help you on your way:-

Say what matters to people who care  – Match your message to the right audience. No point in showing your favorite Avant-garde/fantasy style to the consumer unless, you are doing an ‘Art story of the hairdresser’, but you could frighten the consumer away!

Quality over quantity – Post  only your very best advice on hair  tips.  Publish your very best ‘Before and After’ photos with testimonies from clients.  There is nothing more powerful than an endorsement of your work.  Post your very best hairstyles from your portfolio. If you do not have a portfolio start working on this you can shoot your  from your I pad or phone (in instagram you can create some cool effects). Shoot against a plain well lite back ground or  better still find a photographer to test with you.

If you want to learn more about getting published join me for my  4 day photographic workshop – (only 6 stylists in the class)

What is news worthy?  Any good movies that you feel you push a new trend? What do you have to say that is interesting and worth reading?

Second opinion Reach out to a trusty expert (client or team member) for a review and possible edit so that you present quality.

People lead to people  – Its all about networking and getting to know the people of influence.  Post on your bathroom door a notice. “We are looking for experts in these fields – for exchange of services. Photographer – journalist – fashion stylist.” Just these 3 could open doors to other experts to help you get images and articles into the press – radio station – TV show on blogs and website.

Your website is a brochure with out boundaries – Invest in a clean and very professional web site its your brand and message to the consumer.

Face book Make sure your professional face book is professional – keep your private face book private as you need to guard your reputation and privacy and clients do not need to know about your private life.

End result of your investment in to self promotion?  produced correctly your investment in above will pay back in more ways than you can imagine. Take a baby step today.

Remember – you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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check out this link when a member of the press Kati Vereshak from the Epoch Times reached out to me

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder.

Founder of

Email [email protected]

HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

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