Tips and Tricks #3 How to create volume without a round brush

Hi there my friends, So how many of you at the end of the day are exhausted from another (long hair) round brush blow dry? Yes it tough on our body. Image-24_BWIn this episode of Tips and Tricks we look at how to remove roller marks from the hair. A quick roller set can give you great texture and be kinder to your body than cranking away on a round brush blow dry.  The key is to create volume and sleek so that your set does not look like beauty pageant hair. Check out it..  and let me know if Tips and Tricks is helpful to you.

Step 1 apply product for volume to wet hair Step 2 rough power dry the hair Step 3 hot roller set Step 4 brush set through with oval boar and bristle brush (available at HDTV store) step 5 Blow dry only roller marks and make top of hair very sleek Don’t forget the power of a cold set, especially when blow drying to lock in set and close cuticle for more shine. I hope you found this helpful for more information on styling please visit. Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder. Founder of Email [email protected] HDTV studio – 631.591.1079 Photo credit – Photography Robert Ligresti – Make up David Maderich – Hair Vivienne Mackinder

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