Making long hair interesting.

Hi there my friends,

While some of our clients are ready to let go of their long hair in favor of a new short cut, many are still hanging on to their locks. Today I wanted to share with you some ideas on styling for longer hair, which I hope you and your clients enjoy.L01-137(Above) I Created a soft iron set for volume and texture,  then (below) I converted into a Faux short style.  Now your clients can have short hair for a day, and only a shampoo away from change.  I created this effect with a push pull technique


A soft relaxed pony tail – I set the hair using Rags to create an irregular texture


This is a  flipped back pony tail.

L04_105  L04-37

From Texture to smooth I worked with the same model moving from texture to sleek.  in this look I tied the hair into cute knots to be more eye catching.

L07-145_web L07-171 web


 All styles courtesy of Simplicity Hair Extensions. Each style was a 45 minute full head application. The hair was razor cut, then styled into looks shown.

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair extension application by Rosemary Tejeda

Photography Roberto Ligresti

Make up David Maderich

Fashion Styling  Montgomery Frazier


Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder

[email protected]

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