Prioritize- So you can do what you LOVE

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What is your hearts desire telling you?  How do you plan your day?  Do you get the right things done?  Or do you run out of time? For me there are just not enough hours in a DAY!

All salon owners that I know agreed with the following point the “Pareto Principle”, whats that I hear you say?  Its the 80/20 Rule. The top 20% of stylists/colorists produces 80% of the wealth in the salon, while the remaining 80% only produce 20% So how do you get to be in the top performer group?  MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

Check out the video end of page. One girl six dates..

The Pareto Principle applies to your closet you only wear 20% of your clothes, but you wear that 20% –  80% of the time.. Yes time for a clean out!

If you want to know what is really important in your life your (PRIORITIES), look at your BANK ACCOUNT, (how you spend your Money ) and your DIARY (how you spend your Time).

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 Based on The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership – A book by NY Times Best seller John Maxwell.

 As a young stylist I discovered the importance of daily Investing in myself, in order to be more valuable behind my chair. Today I follow the principle, “Every day I must find a better way”.  ALWAYS Looking  for ways to improve, this is my Priority.  In fact I still practice on Mannequins in the quest to cut the perfect BOB or master a technique, rehearse an idea for a shoot or show.

1 - BerlinI was fortunate enough to work on this shoot for American Salon – on behalf of Hair U Wear.  Not only an excellent opportunity, but a published photo is such a great investment. Photo shoots are  listed high in my priorities, it feeds the artist and business side of my world.

Check out the video end of page. One girl six dates..

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Questions to ask your self ? What gives you the greatest return?  MAKE THAT A PRIORITY

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Question to ask – What am I doing that can be done at least 80% as well by someone else?

Delegate so that you are focused on priorities.  Don’t be the supper Hero, trying to do everything, if you chase two rabbits you will catch none.

This is a good  example on a photo shoot, my assistants are vital they often do 80% of the work i.e . Prep – blow dries and sets, I do the 20% that brings an 80% return.  Hence focused priorities that bring the best results.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.03.52 PMA priority must be to work towards your strengths.  The Reward? You are doing what you love!

PLUS – Your passion will provide you with the fuel you need to keep you going, when the road gets rough!

Check out the video end of page. One girl six dates..


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.03.35 PMRemember it is so easy to be busy, but busy does NOT mean you are achieving.

When you have priorities you will discover you can work smarter and not harder.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.04.05 PM

Ask the question:    WHAT ARE YOU ACCOMPLISHING?     Not – What are you doing?

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.04.18 PM

3 R’s for Priorities

1. What’s required ?

What must I do that nobody can or should do for me?

2. What gives me the greatest return?

What am I doing that can be done at least 80% as well by someone else?

3. What is the Reward?

Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.

Priorities – What can I do that can be doubled or triple purposed?

Check out the video. ‘One girl Six Dates’.

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder. Certified Coach for John Maxwell.

Founder of

Email [email protected]

HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

P.S. Come create with me at my Photo Shoot Workshop September 28-October 1, 2014. Only 3 spots left! Call me today if you want to come!


2 thoughts on “Prioritize- So you can do what you LOVE

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  1. The 80/20 rule can and has been applied in everything that we do. Originally it was applied to land in Italy. Mr. Pareto realized 80% of the land was owned by 20% of the people.

    (read this Article)

    People then applied it to their businesses and their clients and sales and revenues and Michael Cole applied it to our industry in his book “A little off the Top” or the updated version “A Little More Off the Top”. These books may be hard to find and expensive but so worth it, this is one of the books that defined my career! I love it!

    In our industry 20% of the stylists are the money makers, the creatives, the career people. They are busy all the time either with either a paying client or they are practicing on someone. They are reading and learning all the time. The rest are the 80%. They are the stylists who have a lot of down time, they are reading romance novels in the back room and/or out back smoking and gossiping.They don’t make very much money at all.

    Vivienne is asking us to look at the 80%/20% rule and apply it to our daily lives. Take some time and think about what you do in a day that is producing results, making money, making you feel fulfilled and happy, helping you grow to be a better person. Then think about the things you do in a day that are stagnant, unhappy, wastes of time or things you do that are just mindlessly “going through the motions” busy work. You’ll find that the good productive stuff will only end up being 20% of what you’re doing!
    I want to add that there is “down time” that is in the top 20% column. That is the time you need to rest, to recharge your energies and to just be quiet and think about stuff.


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