18# law of Sacrifice – Giving up to go UP

Hi there my friends,

How many of us can relate to the sacrifices made in our career?

I certainly can, for me  sacrifice is to give up something of great value, in exchange for greater goal,  hence there is pay back eventually. All highly successful people that I know realize this truth, you have to give up in order to go up. In my most challenging times, I have to stay focused on ‘Why I am doing what I am doing’ and not loose sight of the goal.  From Olympians to world class hairdressers, they achieve success with hard work and playing to their gifts.

The creation of Neoteric Collection (below) was a journey of frustration and a lot of experimenting,  and yes so much went wrong. Eventually when I was able to create this unique texture, and I was excited to go into the studio to recreate this effect on my model. I felt the sacrifice of  time would pay off.


In the studio I spent about an hour working on the hairnet set technique. But when I took the hair net off the model, the hair was stuck to the net, it could have been a disaster! But with patience we pealed the hair away from the net. The Big lesson was that the hair was too fine, hairspray too strong, what worked on the mannequin and my days of practice failed in the studio, and the texture took on a life of its own.

texture cone wide shot

Sacrifice has taught me to keep doing the RIGHT thing even when the right thing is not happening!

textured coneMy next model proved to be an even bigger challenge, again I had been practicing my waves on a Mannequin in preparation for this shoot. In the studio I  started the style with a Roller set hoping for a big wave.  I brushed the hair out and it flopped NO WAVE. (PS the studio was very humid so all of the hair was unhappy)

waves fashion front

My second attempt to wave was a barrel curl set, I brushed this out and NO WAVE only curl. I was starting to panic!  Why was I failing after so much practice?  I had to have a very private talk with myself, frustrated and on the verge of tears I tried a third method a Marcel wave and finally got it right!

You see we look at the end result (a photo) and think that looks easy, but what we do not see is the struggle behind the result.  A great master makes it look easy, but in truth it is not.

waves beauty

  • What sacrifices have you made to get to where you are today?
  • Cost of education?
  • Dedication of hours spent studying, learning, practicing?
  • What else have you sacrificed?
  • What would you invest in for:-
  • 1 hour a week?
  • 1 hour a month?
  • 1 day a month?
  • 1 class a year?

I know that stylist on HairDesignerTV.com who have the motivation and discipline to  study on a regular bases are now enjoying the rewards of Sacrifice of time, money and energy.  They continue to climb the ladder of success and they do not suffer from the dreaded Destination Disease!     Do you ever suffer from this ailment or do you know some one who does?    This is the idea that one has “arrived” and no longer need to sacrifice.

Make a promise to yourself today to give up in order to go up to the next level. Design time in your life style to invest in you. I promise the reward will come.

Best wishes

Vivienne Mackinder. Certified Coach for John Maxwell.
Founder of HairDesignerTV.com
Email [email protected]
HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

Collection by Vivienne Mackinder – Photography Roberto Ligresti – Make up David Maderich = Fashion David Widjada

 Based on The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership –

A book by NY Times Best seller John Maxwell.

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