Real make overs on hairdressers.

Hi there my Friends, The following are real transformations on young hairstylist from Pasadena and St George Paul Mitchell schools.

A huge part of a make over goes beyond how much you cut off or color, it about a look that works from head to toe , capturing  personality and life style.

Should you wish to have a copy of my consultation please go to this link and take your communication skills from good to great.

Thank you for joining us. There are two parts to your download:

stylist-bookDownload the Stylist Tutorial E-book Here


client-formDownload Client Consultation Form


Slide03 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06

click here to find out more about editorial styling

Slide07 Slide09 Slide10 Slide08 Slide02

If you would love to learn about building your portfolio please join me for a private work shop in the Hamptons.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.46.40 PM

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesigner

[email protected]

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