Real make overs on hairdressers.

Hi there my friends, there is nothing like a great make over, especially when it is on fellow hairdressers.  I hope you enjoy the following transformations on these beautiful young ladies from Paul Mitchell the school in Modesto.  Thank you.
PS i will be doing some Tips and Tricks tutorials on these designs and take you inside the artist mind, the “How and Why”.

also check out the consultation that I use to capture the individual beauty and personality of each lovely lady.
From long to short on Brenna. Classic Graduation.
From long to short on Courtney a Classic graduated bob, with soft layers combination of scissor and razor – Color by Lauren Ombre
Evelyn – a messy bouffant with hair sewing to give texture.
Katarina – Classic one length asymmetric bob with rainbow colors by Lauren
Anayeli – bob back, disconnected side with a long side sweep. A combination of Razor and Scissors



Alicea. wanted an edgy Faux hawk. This style is razor cut in a choppy manner through sides and back. The top layers are longer and disconnected. Allowing for numerous styling options.
Angela – wanted a rock and roll look with glamour. The top section was disconnected from the length and layered with soft facial framing. Lauren created a two tone effect with depth and richness.
PS more amazing make overs to come very soon keep an eye on my blog posts…
search – link to consultation – beauty beyond the mirror


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See All Courses

best wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of Hair Designer

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