New wave collection – story behind the collection

viv Oribe IC show visionaire award
Vivienne Mackinder Receiving the Visionary Award at Inter Coiffure show NYC presented by Oribe the original recipient of this award

Hi there my friends,  New Wave was my last collection  for Inter Coiffure. Now that I have resigned from this post I reflect on the honor of being the North American Fashion Director.  It was  a great 4 year journey where  I was challenged and stretch, in addition I had the opportunity to work with the best of the best forging great relationships. Please join me for a tour of this final collection,  and check out the Video at end of blog.  Enjoy.


The night before the shoot with story board and team all  in place the modeling agency called and cancelled our model.  So I threw out many of my ideas and said “everything is for a reason” so lets get creative.  One model and 7 looks I started with the above shot and did a vertical set and worked with the ‘Ombre’ effect.



From here (2nd look above left)  I teased the hair using a “Stack and packing” and “Push Pull method ” to take the long hair into a soft undone look, creating the illusion of short hair.  (3rd Look left below)  I pulled the hair apart added the head band and made the look more dramatic removing all the tendrils and softness.

(4th Look above Right)  What a challenge! I crimped the hair and then dressed the crimp into a wave. Wow I thought a regular wave was a challenge this we so much harder, I almost gave up! A sigh of relief wave in place and then the ends were misbehaving so I wrapped the hair around its self to create this loop effect. I am still amazed that it worked.



(5th Look above right)  I folded the hair into curves and my visual was the classic 1900 Gibson Girl look,  with the center parting and I banded the style  to  make  more modern.


ICeditorial_feb14_spread_5I this 6th Look above, I used the Crimped texture and backcombed a bouffant then twisted the hair into a french twist leaving the pony tail. I then used the head band to push the hair off the face.  The final touch was hair sewing, i love to create great texture of valleys and peaks with sewing.


The final look 7th look above, I braided the hair and added other braided wefts to create this dramatic look.  Check out the cool movie – Edited by my team member HDTV David Guerrieri

Photo Credits  – Shot for InterCoiffure North Amerian
Photography Julia Pogodina
Hair by Vivienne Mackinder Fashion Director for InterCoiffure
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling Beagy
Video and edit by David Guerrieri
See All Courses
See All Courses
viv lois geno crop
Lois Christie President Of Inter Coiffure North America Geno Stampora motivational speaker and host for IC Vivienne Mackinder receiving Fashion Director 4 years Recognition

Best wishes
Vivienne Mackinder.   Founder of
Email [email protected]
HDTV studio – 631.591.1079

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