Welcome 2015 With A Great Make Over

Hi there my friends, these are real make overs on Hairdressers.  It was so much fun to transform these lovely young ladies.Slide01

The secret to my success was following my guide line consultation
Notice how unique each look is and yet still beautiful.



Please check out the link to use my consultation with your guests. Slide03

There is nothing more magical when the client gives you the thankful smile loving her new look.


Change does not always have to be with Scissors, the art of styling hair is so appreciated by our clients, and its worth mastering.
Or your client will be on YouTube learning how to curl her hair from a kid in her bathroom.Slide05

I think you will agree, each look fits the persons personality and physical appearance.


The key is to dip into the landscape where the client lives and design for beauty first, then fashion and lifestyle second.


As mentioned earlier these ladies are all hairdressers and as  professionals  it is critical to ALWAYS  look stunning and an inspiration to our clients.
Remember; you can not give or sell, what you do not have!


When I work from my consultation guideline, it opens the door to extraordinary creativity.
See link to download my consultation.


It takes courage to change, and great courage to be the artist responsible for the change.  When you get it right the rewards are so great, this is something I never tired of.Slide11Assumption is  dangerous in our business, presuming the client will not cut her hair short. BUT, when given professional advice from an expert you would be surprised how many clients will embrace change, and yes they will lean on your faith as you take them on the journey from old to new.

When you have won this trust you have won a client.


I will never tire of beauty and I am grateful to be in the
“Look good feel good Business”.


Thank you to my friends at Paul Mitchell the School for allowing me to transform these lovely ladies.  Thank you to the support team.

Ok so are you ready for a make over?  Contact us, are you ready to make over your skills and move to the next level contact us today, we would love to hear from you.


See All Courses
See All Courses

All the best Vivienne Mackinder founder of HairDesignerTV.com

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