7 expressions of beauty – The story of Rouge 2

Hair Technique: The hair was Marcel waved and lightly back brushed, then moulded into a soft wave. A timeless classic slightly undone to create a more modern over-the-shoulder look.

From the Book the 7 expressions of Beauty
“We feel beauty more than we can see it. It captures our attention as well as our heart. Some beauty is subtle. You notice it and it slowly moves through you. It feels good and is pleasant to be around and you are drawn to it for long periods of time.


Other beauty takes your breath away. It seems to reach out and grab hold of you and you cannot let go. You feel awestruck and reverent in its presence and it brings you to a higher state of awareness.

Hair Technique: This short cut was cropped close into the nape of the neck using classic graduation. The graduation was rounded into a heavy top layer, retaining the weight in the fringe. Note the internal layers were razor cut to create styling versatility while the classic graduation was cut with the scissors.


It is majestic. Whether subtle or majestic, beauty  inspires and moves us in many ways.” – Cynthia Desoto, Changing Beauty/The 7 Expressions of

Hair Technique: In this look, we created a corrugated effect by waving the hair into ridges. Think of an upside-down wave without left or right direction.


shot on location at our 4 day photographic work shop

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