7 expressions of beauty – The story of Rouge 1

Hi there my friends,   As a natural red head I have not always thought that Red was fabulous, in fact as a kid I hated my red hair and was constantly teased by the boys at school, also my mother loved to do strange things with my hair.  The Ginger Donut style (see below) all the boys and girls laughed at me. I remember going home in tears, and my mum stated “darling they just don’t understand fashion”!


Slide2But now with the passage of time I love Red.

So lets check out the real beauties in print and Video for inspiration.



Romance with an Edge is the theme of the Rouge Collection. In this story we are celebrating the beauty of Red hair, from classic shapes to contemporary design. Red hair is vibrant sexy and dramatic, and yet we see very few red heads in our salons, its time to celebrate this wonderful color. I believe it is important to “stand out from the crowd and yet fit in”.

Hair Technique: The hair was set on hot rollers for smoothness and volume. A hair pad was placed at the occipital bone and then the surrounding hair was lightly back brushed and smoothed over the hair pad. The front sections were woven into a loose basket weave and draped over the hair.


Hair Technique: One on my favorite looks is the faux bob, and this version is an abstract waved bob with the curling iron used to create the wave. The model’s hair was extremely thick and long, so I gathered her hair into a low pony tail and roped the hair into a chignon in the nape of the neck. This is a great alternative for giving our long hair clients a reason to come into the salon in between other services.


Photography: Julia Pogodina
Hair: Vivienne Mackinder
Hair Assistant: Rosemary Tejeda
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion Stylist: David Widjaja
Hair Extensions supplied by The Hair Shop Inc, NW
Shot on location during a photographic workshop New York, NY





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