Jewels are a girls best friend.

Hi there My friends I would like to share with you another collection that I shot while in India.  Please check out the video and collection below.

If you would like to learn how to do a photo shoot and create your own collection please check out my Private Photographic workshops – only 6 in the class and you leave with a beautiful image of your style, working with a top NY crew.

I was struck by the richness of the Indian culture, While I was there, I taught a bridal hair workshop. I was fascinated by bold colors of the wedding gowns—no white lace here!
02The women evinced a happy lightness that carried over into their approach to beauty and fashion. They just don’t wear black.

03“Regal Jewel” is a romantic interpretation of that experience. Using brightly colored extension,
my designs express a joyful celebration of life.  05I believe color accents can be incorporated into our work in the salon, by being creative and often subtle placement to create an expensive look. Remember any 16 year old can stick her head into a bucket of bleach and dye her hair blue.

06We are professionals and artists our work should express this. Help your clients escape from black and other conservative beauty choices. Add sparkle to your client’s hair. Use a whisper of lilac to your silver grey clients or other jewel tones to your dark head clients or pastels to your blondes .
But use it artfully, with sophistication.


Hair by: Vivienne Mackinder Fashion director for InterCoiffure
Make-up by: Amanendar Sidhu
Photographed by: Tarun Khiwal
Styled by: Sarika Dogra
Production by: Karma Model Management

Collection by Inter Coiffure North America.

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