Top Ten Things You Should Know About Industry Icon Vivienne Mackinder 10

What’s the best advice you would like to share with young hairdressers or those who would look at you as an icon?

Vivienne Mackinder delivered at the 2013 ICA Spring Symposium. Watch It Here.
Vivienne Mackinder delivered at the 2013 ICA Spring Symposium. Watch It Here.

“You have to ask yourself: ‘What would you do if you were not paid? What is your passion?’ Because where your passion is, is your desire. I think you have to be true to your desire and your passion. When things go wrong the ‘why’ should still be big enough that you still want to do it. There are so many different parts within our industry. You’ve got to be true to that path. When life knocks you down as it will, keep remembering why you are doing it. We all need people to guide us. We all need direction, we all need support. I could not do any of the things I do without the team around me. I intentionally pick amazing people. I intentionally listen to them and ask them questions because I want to learn. So it’s knowing where you are going and why, being true to your passion and surrounding yourself with the best of the best of the best. What can I do to make myself better. And then the opportunities unfold. I don’t think people realize some of the things that you do, how hard they are. I think when you do it really well it looks super easy but it’s not: that’s the biggest deception of all. People go ‘Wow, she made that look so easy,’ – yeah, but I practiced it and practiced it. I still pull out my mannequin head. You’ve got to have passion and then success will be yours, a genuine success. I have failed so much in my career, but they have taught me a lot on how to do things differently or better. When you see someone else about to fall down that same hole you can tell them: ‘Don’t do that.’ Then you can help someone else. It’s getting to that right place where you are being mentored and guided.



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