Top Ten Things You Should Know About Industry Icon Vivienne Mackinder 6

Who were the persons that most influenced you and why?

Vivienne Mackinder co-produced the I’m Not Just A HairDresser. See A Free Preview Below

“I think Vidal is the first one. I went to a college where I was trained for hair, film and theater. So I had classic hairdressing and when I went to Sassoon’s they taught me architecture. They taught me how to cut to bone structure. Vidal gave me a strong technical foundation. Then Trevor [Sorbie] said, ‘Viv, don’t compromise beauty for creativity. Use your imagination, but keep it beautiful. Stretch yourself, but make it fashion.’ He was the one that said, ‘Wait, you’ve gone too far. It’s creative, but ugly.’ I think Avant-Garde should be fashion forward but not a tree. I think that’s fantasy. Both Vidal and Trevor have been hugely important in my career. Because they gave me such a foundation. Now I think I’d say I look to everybody. My students inspire me, editorial guides inspire me, I’m constantly learning. All you have to do is a Google search and you find something. I was watching a 16 year old in her bathroom doing this braid and I was thinking ‘That’s very clever.’ And then. I’m thinking ‘Here I am with all these years of experience and a 16-year old is teaching me… Nice, that’s good.’ You have to stay really hungry!”


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