TIPS AND TRICKS – 5 reasons why you should master Layers with the razor

Hi there my friends,tips and tricks-2105 web

In this episode of Tips and Tricks learn how to create beautiful movement and texture with the razor. Razor Layers are a short cut to creating two techniques, a great shape and soft textured ends, once mastered the sky is the limit.
With perfect practice you will gain the following:-
1. Increase speed and efficiency in completing a style.
2. No need to detail at the end of the cut.
3. Increases creativity and versatility.
4. In addition your clients will have an easier time blow-drying their layers.
5. The razor is a lovely gentle grow out and you will have a very happy client.

Please join me at “Back stage pass” and see some cool cuts.






In addition did you miss my show?  Well now you can be my guest for a front row seat Please join me and Please please share with your community.

All the best Vivienne Mackinder.


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