Real make overs on Hairdressers

Hi there my Friends,  more fun make overs to inspire you and your clients. Slide16

Hair should always look healthy with lots of shine, never compromise the integrity of the hair.

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Its not what you cut off but what you leave, its all about a great shape.


Avant Garde Color should still look expensive and artfully placed within the framework of the shape.

Lets not forget that our long hair clients also want something new and these changes are only a shampoo away from going back to the old style, so have fun.







Slide31 Slide36

Ok so are you ready for your make over?  How about reinventing your skills?  Please join me for your best year ever and be part of my family at

See All Courses
See All Courses

Please share with your friends.  Thank you to my Friends at Paul Mitchell School for allowing me the opportunity to transform these lovely ladies.

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of

2 thoughts on “Real make overs on Hairdressers

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  1. I love makeovers and I’m lovin’ the girl power here! So many ladies are SO beautiful and to play that down is a shame! Go for it 🙂


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