Creating A New Breed of Editorial Stylists

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5.58.18 PMThe Story

Intoxicating! Invigorating! Enthralled!

After completing yet again another successful Photo-shoot Workshop with Vivienne Mackinder and her 6 student stylists, these are the words that come to mind. “A black and white story with energy, edge, and a hint of mystery,” is what Mackinder conveyed through pre-production.

This is what these stylists set out to achieve. And achieve they did, with brilliant enthusiasm from start to finish. Hailing from all parts of the country, each with his/her own creative and technical abilities, these stylists show great potential and a breath of fresh air to the Hair/Beauty Industry.
“I was taken aback by the amount of calm energy, encompassed by each stylist, allowing them to work like a well oiled machine churning out look after look on each new model…it was thrilling!” says fashion photographer David Guerrieri.

One phrase Mackinder likes to entrust to each student is to, “work smarter and not harder.” The results speak for themselves. The students did just that. Taking an advanced educational class is certainly no easy task, but, taking an advanced educational class with world-renowned talent such as Vivienne Mackinder, well, that is a game changer.



Being a student at heart, Mackinder allows her student stylists to work freely beyond her guiding hand, falter at times, and pick themselves up to create the masterful work seen in these images.

The first two days of the Photo Shoot Workshop included a Hands-on training preparing for the photo shoot. The third day the stylists worked on their own photo look for their portfolio! And the Final day they worked with Vivienne, assisting her as she created her new collection.

This is the work of hair stylists no different than you. So ask yourself…Are you ready to play with the best of the best? If so…Vivienne Mackinder’s Photo-shoot workshop is your next step towards greatness.

The Team
The Team

Photography by: David Guerrieri
Make-up by: David Maderich Fashion by: Rebekah Hope
& Darbelle’s in Westhampton, NY
Hair Stylists from left to right: Top row:
Jessica Bloch, Angela Pantaleone,
and Emily Shackelford, Bottom row:
Tim Pamment, Tex Martin
and Mary Crossman

Models From Q:
Kristina Pernilla Ella

Special Thanks to:
Vivienne Mackinder, Founder of HairDesignerTV, for pouring so much into the team and making this event even possible. And Darbelle’s in Westhampton for the fabulous fashion.

Listen to these people who took a recent photoshoot workshop and are working towards getting published.

Join us at Or come and visit me at my Private Trainings. check out the options below. Love to see you Lets work together.. PS my friend please share with your Friends…. thanks xx

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All the Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder

founder of and


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