Finding your mentor – 4 questions to ask

Hi there my friends,  What level do you want to play at? How much money do you want to make?  Trust me its all about the journey and lifestyle choices that we make. Learning something new each day is made easier today with 24/7 access to the internet.
Please make a date with me online.

Back stage pass 1   –

bsp-badge1Back stage pass 2   –

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When I started there was no You Tube, Google or Face Book. As a Futurist I knew over 20 years ago that the new way to learn and gather ideas would be online.

Dagny Tutorial from Back Stage Pass 1 Hair Vivienne Mackinder – Photography David Guerrieri

Every day our clients sit in our chair showing us images they found online and ask us to recreate the look. Our challenge is to reverse engineer the design and recreate, which is not always so easy to do!

bsp-1Hairdressing is a PRACTICE, just like a DR learning something new every day to adding value to our clients.  I encourage you to learn something new every day and apply to your life. Find a great mentor with the qualities listed below.


One common theme through out my career has been my mentors who have passed on their wisdom and experience. Simply interning or assisting an inspiring mentor can enlighten and transform your work.  Better still, work shops and daily online studies, bring your mentor closer to you. Just imagine if you put a % of your tips aside to reinvest in you, the compound effect would be huge.  I wonder who you would become?

Look out for these key qualities in a mentor
they worked for me. The 4 E’s

1.     EXAMPLE: A mentor leads by example and passes real world experience. They are not like a travel agent selling a place they have never been to; they own their information.

2.     EXPERIENCE: The broader their experiences, the more tips and tricks they can pass on to you.

3.     EMPATHY: As you face challenges, your mentor needs to be sympathetic and patient while you are overcoming them.

4.     EMPOWERMENT: Your mentor should inspire and instill the confidence in you to grow beyond a level you ever anticipated.

Be inspired and create magic – Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of and

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