Commercial and yet FABULOUS salon styles-short cuts

Hi there my friends.  Do you ever get tired of another long layer cut?  And even more tired when it comes to blow drying long layers? Oh YES!  I am always searching for new shapes that are commercial and yet high fashion.  My college book on the The “First 5000 years of hairdressing” proves that it has all been done before.  Often ‘new’  is in the detail, the blow dry or combination of razor and scissor cuts that gives a fresh twist on a classic.

Please check out my Back Stage Pass series 1 and 2, which features some great new cuts. I hope you enjoy the show, documentaries and video tutorials. Let me know what you think? Love to hear from you.

Back stage pass 1   –

bsp-badge1Back stage pass 2   –

BSP2-caper-poster-teamcelebration copy copy

In the mean time here are some commercial looks ready for salon wear.

Ginnifer-Goodwin-Edgy-Short-Haircuts lucy_doughty_short_haircut Pixie-Haircuts-2013 rihanna-short-crop-hairstyle short_haircuts_styles_2 Short-Haircuts-for-Thick-Hair short-hairstyles-2013_02 2009 MTV Summer Party Very-short-hairstyles-with-bangs


Short-hairstyles-with-side-bangs-for-women Casual-Short-Hairstyles 11_shoulder-length-hairstyles-2013 New-Short-Bob-Hairstyle


Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder – Founder of and

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