The Profit TV show – don’t make these mistakes.

Hi there my friends,  I think we are drawn to hairdressing for the Art and many of us may not have the same skill set when it comes to making money. Art and Commerce can be like oil and water. Its not surprising that so many salons and independent contractors are struggling to make a living.  At school we are not taught what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and for many of us it is not our natural skill.  Smart hairdressers who fit this profile find great managers and partners to handle the number side of the business.  Check out The Profit TV show which is very insightful.  It displays how we can become blinded by our limited beliefs and miss-guided passion. If there is ONE BIG THING I was reminded of, it is to play with the best of the best. CONSTANTLY learn and reinvest in your self for a better tomorrow.

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What are you going to do today to reinvest in your self? Just imagine if today you started to put aside a % of your tips to reinvest in you!  Who would you become?  LEARN MORE TO EARN MORE.

All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder Of and

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  1. I was once told by a mentor and angel the following quote. “Life has an interesting way of teaching us important lessons.” This post along with this special program is worth more than any quantifiable profit in currency. Thank you Vivienne Mackinder for taking the time to highlight (no pun intended) some important lessons on the journey of empowerment.


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