Inspiration from the world of Art and Fashion.

kool_kids_featHi there my friends, I have always enjoyed the Fashion from Japan especially the street fashion.

Hair Vivienne Mackinder _Color Sue Pemberton_ Photography Julia Pogodina_ Make up David Maderich_ fashion David Widjaja

These images from  ‘Kool Kids Collection’ which was inspired by my Husbands Roosters and Chickens feather patterns along with the inspiration of Japanese street trends.

NewKidsOnThe-Block_page01_retouched  It was such a joy to work with Sue Pemberton the Award winning color Artist.  I threw all these crazy ideas Sues way and she embraced the challenge and did a brilliant job.NewKidsOnThe-Block_page3Join me for my next photo shoot and work shop only 6 allowed in the class, let me help you take your work from GOOD TO GREAT.   NewKidsOnThe-Block_page04 

I love the work of Mario Testino’s work  I hope you enjoy watching this Icon in work for Japanese Vogue

Hope you enjoyed,

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder

founder of and 

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    1. so happy you enjoyed, check out the show in blog the profit, it would be great to share with senior students and teachers about a failing salon and the profit turning it around. Sadly a lot of salon drama but a great learn. all the best viv


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