On line education 5 reasons you should try it.

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Whether you’re a new stylist or a salon owner, online training can benefit your business in more ways than one.

 Written by Anna Lee Boschetto for Salon Magazine.

As hairstylists, you already know that staying up-to-the-moment on the latest techniques is essential to growing your clientele. But making continuing education a priority may seem like a pipe dream. Enter online training. Even though hands-on experience is a must, there is much to be gained through online education. Here are five reasons why your salon needs to get on board with online training now.


Extend Your Training Budget

According to Dino Cairo president of Pivot Point, the accessibility of online education allows salon owners to make their training dollars go further, especially for smaller salons. “You’re seeing more of a switch to this type of training because it gives the opportunity to offer training that’s not just about sitting in a classroom.“ Mark Pontrelli, digital education leader for Wella North America, would agree. “Online education allows you to push education throughout the entire year,” he says, adding that you can also gain inspiration that goes beyond learning a specific skill or technique.


Transform Your Business

“Education is the key to betterment and success,” says Richard Ashforth, international creative director for Saco, adding that online training is an investment that can also boost your bottom line. “Owners have noticed transformation in their salons and learned techniques that have allowed them to make more money,” says Rebekah Hope, creative education director for HairDesignerTV.com. With over 200 lessons offered through HairDesignerTV, salon owners can take advantage of a full-year membership that will allow their salon team the opportunity to improve techniques all year long. “It’s another venue for training on a constant maintenance basis, which can definitely add to more frequent learning,” she explains.                

Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_03_RAccess Top-Tier Educators

At HairDesignerTV.com, hairstylists have access to one of the best educators in the business: Vivienne Mackinder. According to Hope, Mackinder’s engaging teaching methods are a big part of the company’s highly popular online education programs. “She has a unique way of imparting her techniques: People go away with a new perspective on how they do hair,” she says. It’s a similar experience at Wella Education. Although you’re not getting a whole day with top industry professionals, Pontrelli says you’re getting a pretty intense one-on-one hour with a top educator. Not to mention, as Angie Tullis, vice president of education for TIGI Americas points out, “It gives you the opportunity to test out different educators and see who resonates with your team.”

Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_00_RTimeless Training

In the fast-paced salon sphere, Tullis recognizes the importance of connecting with hairstylists by offering accessible education. “We need to speak to the hairstylists in their language,” she says. “They are learning online and we are looking for the perfect blend.” For stylists who work long hours, Hope says online training allows them to sneak in a lesson or two on their lunch break or in between appointments right in the salon. “You can get a 10-to-15-minute nugget of education to bring into the salon that day,” says Pontrelli. “Although it’s a shorter format, stylists may learn a little trick, like how to stroke with their colour brush that they may not have thought of before.” Intercoiffure_8.15.2013_0235_R

Expand Your Professional Network

Ashforth says opportunities for establishing online connections are endless. “We support regular learning with online visuals and books plus help schools or large groups use the systems with Skype Q&A sessions, allowing for lots of communication.” At HairDesignerTV hairstylists post their work and receive online feedback. “You’re not on your own, you have a bit of accountability,” explains Hope. In a similar way, Pontrelli has found that stylists are increasingly connecting through Wella Education’s Facebook and Instagram pages, offering each other feedback on styles that they are working on. “When we see that stylists aren’t able to get the answers they need, one of our educators will reply, offer feedback or even post a how-to video.” 

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I would like to add a point; the content that my guests, team and myself have created on HDTV will not be found for common viewing on You Tube.  While my YouTube channel has some simple tips and tricks and promotional content, we are not giving away the FARM. The high quality content in HDTV is for professionals only.  I am not going to compete against a consumer doing how to in her bathroom!  Join me and lets uplift our craft before the consumer eats our lunch!!

ntercoiffure_8.15.2013_0398_RNeo Deco Collection by Vivienne Mackinder for InterCoiffure
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  1. Very well said! Because of the salon or stylist not having to take time off, travel, pay for a flight and for a hotel and the cost of training from a top educator I believe that the $$$$$ saved is well worth the reasonable cost of online training! HAirDesignerTV is high quality education and teaches how to truly be a master of your craft!


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