Turning ophs into success

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We can recover from failure but we will not recover from an excuse.
When I read this today, it made me stop and really think.Slide34 I am sure you are like me you want to be very successful and have fun.  But life has a odd way of testing us.  I have certainly had my share of failures, sometimes I have recovered quickly and other times I now realize my recovery was slow. Did I make excuses?  Was that what slowed me down?


I was at an event this week and a lovely young lady asked me what was the biggest challenge in my career. With out hesitation I said ME!  So often I got in my own way, see if you relate to any of these thoughts that I turned into excuses.

Fear of failure. Lack of confidence. Good things never happen to me. I wont be accepted. Too busy, not enough time. I realize in reflection that these inner thoughts were dressed in excuses and were my saboteur to the road of greater success.  For example:- The first time I cut an Abstract Razor LOB, it was a little nerve racking as I had never done this before with the Razor, but it turned out great.  As they say “nothing ventured nothing gained”.

3.3Does this surprise you that I be this honest and transparent?  It tough to be in business today, and climbing the ladder for success can be very lonely for an entrepreneur and leader.  What is the moral of the story? Failure is part of trying something new. From failure comes greater learning, but when we make an excuse as the quote says its hard to recover.  If you talk to any  successful business people they will say failure has been their best teacher!

CO3R2649For Example:-Back stage when I am trying something new, there are so many discoveries from little things that go wrong, but each learn opens the door to something new. Check out my documentary In Back stage pass 2. on HairDesignerTV.com and you will see all the challenges and also all the victories.  Thank you to Paul Mitchell the School during Caper I learned so much and became a better person.

BSP2-caper-poster-teamcelebration copy copy


Food for thought.  Step into your greatness today.

Photography David Guerrieri

All the Best Vivienne Mackinder Founder Of HairdesignerTV.com


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