North American Hairdressing awards.

Hi there my friends, last week NAHA announced the nominations for 2015.  I would like to congratulate the nominees and give my encouragement to those who did not make it into the final 6.

rust dress award colourI know the joys of winning and the disappointment of not taking a NAHA home.  One thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is the ‘power of the journey’. Along the way I learned,  no-one can add or take away from my experiences.  While I have 6 NAHA’s sitting in my studio, I know that I am only as good as my last style or collection.  Every shoot is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. The lasting rewards are the lessons learned.

Feel encouraged, reinvent yourself, get hungry for more, and never sit at the table of success too long.  NAHA or no NAHA, step into your own greatness.


This collections was inspired by Samurai Warriors. It is called the ‘Journey’ as it was a huge journey of discovery.  This collection has been nominated for Masters NAHA 2015.  Later this week I will share the movie of the Journey and also show you my other collection that did not make it into the final 6 this year.  Stay posted.2

1   4. HDTV_AsianGeo_Look_03-0332 3Let me know what you think?

PS if you would like for me to help you with your collections check out my photo shoot work shop course in July 5th 2015

all the best Vivienne Mackinder.

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    1. thanks lena, i will be making a documentary about the making of the journey so you can really see how crazy i am!


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